Zukul Gold Review – Is This A Good Opportunity Or Big Scam?

Zukul Gold ReviewYou may have noticed that Zukul Gold is getting a lot of hype and attention these days.

You might have had some friends in Network Marketing approach you about Zukul Gold, or you may have seen it on social media.

I want to let you know, first of all, that I am NOT promoting Zukul Gold as my own business opportunity. I am not an affiliate or distributor.

I have gathered here all the facts about Zukul Gold in my Zukul Gold Review – now you can learn all you need to know about it.

Is Zukul Gold really a legit business?

Is Zukul Gold a safe business to join?

Let me show you in my review of Zukul Gold.

Exactly What Is Zukul Gold?

In this review, I’m going to be taking a close look at Zukul Gold – one of the latest MLM opportunities to hit the scene.

Zukul Gold was actually first announced earlier this year in 2016, but the company completely disappeared not long after this announcement. Zukul Gold then reappeared earlier this month of the November, and the opportunity it’s advertising is completely different from what it showed off when it was first announced.

In this review, I’m going to be taking a look at the latest offering from Zukul Gold, and not the older one that was first shown off when the company was initially announced.

With that said, let’s see just what Zukul Gold has to offer.

Zukul Gold Scam

What Is The Zukul Gold Product Line?

Right off the bat, Zukul Gold doesn’t make a good first impression at all. Here we’re dealing with another MLM opportunity that doesn’t have any legitimate form of product line at all, and this is a move that creates for nothing but trouble.

No product line means that retail sales can’t take place, and this usually results in the primary source of income coming directly from affiliates.

This also means that affiliates have nothing more than the affiliate membership itself to market and sell to prospective buyers.

What is worth noting is that Zukul God is supposedly an “independent affiliate” of some sort of third-party gold company, but there’s no indication given at all in regards to who this third-party gold company actually is.

Jeremy Rush – the admin for Zukul Gold – is claiming that Zukul Gold has, “100% back of the (gold) company.”

Whether or not this is actually true, I’m not sure.

I was able to find a marketing presentation for Zukul Gold in which Jeremy Rush says that he’s a representative for IGR, and IGR is supposedly some sort of refinery that is located in Turkey.

What Can You Tell Me About The Compensation Plan For Zukul Gold?

As if that wasn’t odd enough, here’s where things get even more peculiar.

After taking a look at the compensation plan for Zukul Gold, it didn’t take long at all to realize that it was pretty much a carbon copy of the compensation plan that Eagle Aurum Team is offering.

I was able to confirm this with a slide for the same marketing presentation that I found, as the slide outlined three Spanish words being used to represent coins for the company. These are the same exact Spanish words used in the Eagle Aurum Team, and as if that wasn’t enough, the fees for the cycler system are exactly the same as well between the two companies.

Basically, Eagle Aurum Team is a Ponzi cycler scheme that launched last month that’s using a seven-tier matrix system in order to solicit funds from its affiliates.

Recruitment commissions are also available on top of the matrix system, and these get paid out to affiliates through the use of a ten-level deep unilevel system. This adds a pyramid scheme level to Eagle Aurum Team, and Zukul Gold as well.

What Will It Cost To Join Zukul Gold?

In order to become an affiliate for Zukul Gold, you’ll be required to hand over 40 EUR for the purchase of a position in the matrix system that the company is offering.

Is Zukul Gold A Scam?

If you have heard that Zukul Gold is a scam, then you’ve come to the right place to find out the truth.

What’s the truth – is Zukul Gold a scam?

I would say not exactly. However, there are some things to be aware of before joining, which I have detailed in the conclusion.

You will only be successful by recognizing the weaknesses and finding a way to move past them.

Conclusion For My Zukul Gold Review

Zukul Gold is certainly one of the more interesting opportunities that I’ve reviewed recently.

Jeremy Rush is essentially using Zukul Gold by signing up as an affiliate for Eagle Aurum Team and then trying to recruit other Zukul affiliates under him to join the company.

That is quite honestly all that’s taking place here, and it results in a pretty nasty scheme.

Zukul Gold isn’t an independent opportunity at all, but rather a piggy-back onto yet another MLM scheme for people to lose even more money on.

Zukul first hit the scene in 2014 as a subscription-based pyramid scheme, and then in early 2016, Jeremy Rush went on to launch Zukul Ad Network. That turned out to be an adcredit Ponzi scheme with layers of other schemes that were wrapped up with it, and Alexa rankings for the site currently estimate that recruitment for the company has been relatively stagnant for the past few months.

There is also mention that Zukul Gold has ties to Karatbars International, a company that was discovered to be a pyramid scheme that also used gold investing as its basis for investment.

With all of this said, here’s essentially what we’re looking at with Zukul Gold.

If you’re someone who hasn’t heard of Zukul up until now, joining Zukul Gold will place you in the fourth layer of a scheme that’s been going on for quite a while at this point. Ahead of you in the company are not only pyramid scheme affiliates, but Zukul Ad Network affiliates as well.

If you are a current Zukul affiliate, you’ll likely join Zukul Gold under the impression that you’ll be able to make back some of the money that you’ve already lost, but because of the way that Zukul Gold is laid out, this simply isn’t going to be the case.

The majority of people will end up losing out on this deal, and that’s because Zukul Gold is first and foremost a Ponzi scheme.

Most folks will lose out, and only Jeremy Rush and the other possible admins will earn anything significant.

I definitely hope you have found value in my Review of Zukul Gold.

I went into a lot of detail so that you can make a proper decision about whether you want to join or not.

If you do decide to proceed with Zukul Gold, make sure you take the time to learn how to market yourself!

My training below can help you with that.