Why SEO Spark?

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose us to manage your SEO campaign.

1. Involvement

Whilst we understand that SEO can be complex to understand, we make sure to include you in each step of the process. If you would prefer a more hands off approach, we are happy to oblige but there is always transparency in the work that we do for you.  You will know what stage we are at each step of the way.

2. Clear Explanations (Non Jargon!)

We tell you about the SEO processes in layman’s terms and with as little jargon as possible. To do this, we have many methods including using visuals to simplify the more complex processes.

3. Full Marketing Perspective – Not Just SEO

We understand that converting web surfers to paying customers is about lead conversion as well as lead generation: You can get many people to your website but you need to have a good website to convert them to clients. If we think that your website needs to be improved to better convert customers, we can create you a great looking SEO Friendly website from scratch.

4. Always Available to Talk

We are always available on the phone to speak with you about queries that you have. When you call us, you will immediately get through to your SEO consultant to discuss your project.

5. Transparency

As SEO experts, we are happy to share free SEO advice and resources with you. One of our main goals is to educate and inform of the often elusive SEO methods.

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