THWGlobal Review – Is This A Good Opportunity Or Big Scam?

THWGlobal ReviewIn the last few weeks, THWGlobal has been getting a lot of attention in the network marketing circles.

With all this hype, I am sure you have seen some of your friends trying to sell THWGlobal in your social media feeds.

The first thing you need to know is that I am NOT an affiliate or distributor for THWGlobal.

I wanted to gather all the information about THWGlobal in my THWGlobal Review in order for you to make a decision about joining THWGlobal.

Is THWGlobal legit or a scam?

Will it be able to deliver on it’s promises to you?

Let me show you in my unbiased review of THWGlobal.

Read on to find out what you need to know.

What The Heck Is THWGlobal?

In the case of THWGlobal, the company has no visible information in regards to who owns or runs the company. Although we’ve stressed the importance behind this many times before, it plays a much bigger role in the legitimacy behind multi-level marketing companies than you may think.

For examples, try and think of any legit company out there. No matter how big or small they may be, they are always up front and direct when it comes to making sure people are aware as to who the business is being run by.

A company name is one thing, but an actual face behind that name is so much more. When any company is not clear about who’s running things, it shows that they don’t want any names being taken accountable for the actions of the business – something that is never a good sign to see.

Along with foggy information about who runs the company, that same fog seems to blanket further info about THWGlobal’s background. The domain name for the company is, and it was first registered on May 29th of this year (2016).

However, the domain name is currently in that of a private state. This means that information about who and where the domain name was registered is not publicly available, further creating for even more mystery behind the true nature of THWGlobal.

Despite this secrecy, we can make some assumptions about the company’s origins thanks to the traffic details that the website receives. Thanks to Alexa reports, a whopping 45.6% of all traffic that THWGlobal’s website receives comes directly out of Russia. This would suggest that this is more than likely where THWGlobal is being run and operated from.

Additionally, another 10.3% of the company’s site traffic is generated from the country of Ukraine. If past multi-level marketing companies are anything to go by, these countries are often two of the biggest ones that are involved with pyramid and Ponzi schemes.

With all of that extremely encouraging information out of the way, let’s take a gander at what THWGlobal has to offer.

THWGlobal Scam

What Are The THWGlobal Products?

While the lack of a face behind a multi-level marketing company might be bad, not having a product line is even worse. Why do we say this though? There’s one huge reason that the lack of any product line can cause trouble for any business in this field.

Product lines exist for one sole reason – allowing the circulation of money from outside, retail customers. The retail market is extremely important to get new funds flowing through any business, and that’s why product lines are necessary for this.

So, when an MLM company lacks such a product line, how does money get through the business? The answer comes in the form of funds that are invested from existing and new affiliates.

When this occurs, any commissions and such that are being offered are coming from money that’s being invested from the company’s affiliates, and this is often a classic recipe for a good old Ponzi scheme.

What About The Compensation Plan For THWGlobal?

Speaking of earning money, the compensation plan that THWGlobal has in place is incredibly interesting, and rather phony right off the bat.

The company claims that, as an affiliate, you have the potential to make up to $25 each hour by simply watching videos. The actual details of these videos are left rather unclear, but THWGlobal says that they are “Better Than YouTube type videos”.

Along with watching these videos, affiliates also have the opportunity to earn a commission every time that they are able to enlist a new individual to join the affiliate program that THWGlobal offers.

After a new affiliate is recruited and they earn $25 from watching these “Better Than YouTube type videos”, the affiliate who recruited them will earn an additional commission of $5.

Residual Commissions

As we see with most, if not all, multi-level marketing opportunities, THWGlobal offers a very common residual commission plan. These commissions are doled out through a unilevel system, with each team in this system starting out by having one single affiliate placed at the very tip top.

From here, that single affiliate sets out to recruit additional members to join the company. When this affiliate signs up new recruits, these new members are placed at the spot of level 1.

Recruits of a level 1 affiliate are placed at the level 2 position, and recruits of level 2 affiliates are placed at the level 3 spot. In THWGlobal, these levels in the unilevel system can go on and on for as many levels as are needed.

With that said, the company does place a payment cap at the first 10 levels of each team. With these residual commissions, THWGlobal pays their affiliates a commission of $1 per every affiliate that is in their team within this unilevel structure.

However, that $1 is tied to the number of hours that the affiliates in their team spend watching the videos that THWGlobal is promoting. So, if all of the affiliates in a team spend 120 hours watching these videos, $120 will be paid out.

With this setup, the only way to make money from the residual commissions is to watch hours and hours of video content. But hey, at least it’s better than what’s on YouTube.

THWGlobal Compensation Plan

What’s The Cost Of Joining THWGlobal?

While signing up and joining THWGlobal is free, the company has a pretty weird recommendation for the type of people that join.

The company recommends that affiliates for them be over the age of 21, and that they also have a high school diploma. The actual reasoning behind this is currently unknown though, so take that however you want to.

So, Is There A THWGlobal Scam Going On?

Have you been hearing rumours that THWGlobal is a scam?

After reading this review, you might still be asking yourself if it is really legit.

So – what is the truth? Is there really a THWGlobal scam going on?

If I am being perfectly honest, THWGlobal isn’t entirely a scam.

However, there are some things you need to watch out for.

This is how you will be successful in online marketing. See the image below for details.

Finally, My THWGlobal Review And Conclusion!

So often on the Internet, we see social media sites pop up that claim to be the next big thing, aiming to take on sites like Facebook and Twitter. That same philosophy is seen through THWGlobal’s marketing materials.

The company is dead set on the idea that they are going to become the next YouTube of the Internet, but they have a twist. Rather than paying the creators of the videos that people are watching, THWGlobal pays its viewers of said content.

While that may sound good to some people, there’s a huge issue with that logic.

YouTube content creators are essentially the main reason that the site is a popular as it is. So, since the creators are kicking out this content, they get a bit of money. This encourages them to keep creating content, and only makes sense when you put any bit of real thought into it.

Getting paid to watch videos may sound like a dream come true, but if THWGlobal isn’t paying the creators behind their content, where the heck is that content going to come from?

After reading through some of THWGlobal’s marketing and promotional materials, it appears that, as an affiliate, you’ll be watching commercials, trailers for movies, pilots for TV shows, etc.

In other words, affiliates for THWGlobal are watching advertising video content.

THWGlobal recommends that their affiliates spend 10 hours each week watching this content, and that works out to having to view a little more than an hour of this advertising each week if you want to make any money with the company.

But this is where the system breaks down even more. Further documentation of THWGlobal suggests that these advertising companies are shelling out up to $1.50 each minute for affiliates of THWGlobal to watch these videos.

From a business perspective, that makes no sense at all. Paying $1.50 each minute to have your advertising content viewed would require a rather hefty budget, so this causes us to question the legitimacy of the advertising companies that are involved with THWGlobal’s video content.

And, if we put just a little more math work into this system, it becomes even more ridiculous than it already is.

As of right now, THWGlobal currently has 308,139 people that are registered on their site. If the company is shelling out $25 each and every hour for this advertising content to be viewed, just one hour of all these users watching the videos would total up to a whopping $7.7. million.

If all of these users are active and watching videos, that $7.7. million becomes an hourly rate for the advertising companies that are involved with THWGlobal. No matter how large of a company we’re talking about, that’s an incredibly unrealistic budget.

One of the most likely things that will happen, is that that $25 an hour commission will turn out to be nothing more than a lie. Actual users will probably see just pennies come in for hours of viewing this video content, and THWGlobal will counter by saying that the $25/hour rate was simply an estimate.

THWGlobal make have the thought process that they’re going to be the next big thing in video content, but after just a small bit of logic is thrown into the mix, the company’s reality distortion field is quickly broken down.

I really hope you have gained value from my THWGlobal Review.

I wanted to make sure you had all the information you needed, because most other THWGlobal reviews are just trying to sell you something.

If you really do decide to join THWGlobal, I want you to succeed with your business. Learn how to market yourself properly!

My training can help you make money online!