The Affluence Network Review – Is This A Good Opportunity Or Big Scam?

The Affluence Network ReviewIn the last few weeks, The Affluence Network has been getting a lot of attention in the network marketing circles.

With all this hype, I am sure you have seen some of your friends trying to sell The Affluence Network in your social media feeds.

The first thing you need to know is that I am NOT an affiliate or distributor for The Affluence Network.

I wanted to gather all the information about The Affluence Network in my The Affluence Network Review in order for you to make a decision about joining The Affluence Network.

Is The Affluence Network legit or a scam?

Will it be able to deliver on it’s promises to you?

Let me show you in my unbiased review of The Affluence Network.

Read on to find out what you need to know.

What The Heck Is The Affluence Network?

With The Affluence Network, it’s rather apparent right off the bat that the owner of the company is someone by the name of Troy R J Hogg. Troy R J Hogg also goes by the names of Troy James and TJ, and this is not the first MLM opportunity the man has been a part of.

Before he launched The Affluence Network, Hogg was the founder of GC Money Tree. GC Money Tree was a pyramid scheme that tried to sell the idea that there was some sort of activity taking place in which carb credit certificates were being sold to various buyers, but in reality, affiliate recruitment was the only name of the game.

Going back to The Affluence Network, the brand itself has existed online in one form or another pretty much since some point in 2010. However, with this latest and most recent version of the company launching in early 2017, this is likely when Hogg took things over.

As such, that is the version of the company I’m going to be reviewing right now.

The Affluence Network Scam

What Are The The Affluence Network Products?

Having a strong and healthy product line is one of the most important factors for any legitimate MLM opportunity, but you won’t find any such thing in place with The Affluence Network,

Nothing is being sold or marketed to retail customers, and affiliates have nothing more than the affiliate membership to try and sell to folks that might be interested in it.

If and when someone does decide to join The Affluence Network, their membership comes bundled with access to an assortment of internet marketing tools and a PLR product library.

Even more notable here is the inclusion of “crypto tokens.”

According to The Affluence Network, “These tokens are very different than any other token or cryptocurrency available globally as they are backed by physical bullion or other top level cryptocurrencies.”

On top of this, The Affluence Network also claims that their tokens are, “exchangeable or salable on over 7 Cryptocurrency Exchanges.”

What About The Compensation Plan For The Affluence Network?

When it comes to making money with The Affluence Network, your time will be spent paying monthly membership fees and recruiting other people to join the opportunity and do the exact same thing.

Affiliates for The Affluence Network have five various membership plans to pick from, and the way that commissions get paid out to you depends on which plan you sign up for.

Bronze affiliates are paid commissions through a binary system, whereas Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond members get their cash via a 2-up system.

Choosing to purchase a more expensive membership package will result in you being able to earn more money through the available commissions, and if you’re really feeling adventurous, you can choose to buy into all five of the available plans.

What’s The Cost Of Joining The Affluence Network?

Speaking of those plans, what’s the actual cost involved?

  • Affiliates at the Bronze level pay $97 per month
  • Affiliates at the Silver level pay $147 per month
  • Affiliates at the Gold level pay $197 per month
  • Affiliates at the Platinum level pay $247 per month
  • Affiliates at the Diamond level pay $297 per month

So, Is There A The Affluence Network Scam Going On?

Have you been hearing rumours that The Affluence Network is a scam?

After reading this review, you might still be asking yourself if it is really legit.

So – what is the truth? Is there really a The Affluence Network scam going on?

If I am being perfectly honest, The Affluence Network isn’t entirely a scam.

However, there are some things you need to watch out for.

This is how you will be successful in online marketing. See the image below for details.

Finally, My The Affluence Network Review And Conclusion!

Overall, The Affluence Network really isn’t anything more than yet another pyramid scheme.

Affiliates join the company by paying a monthly fee and then get commissions by recruiting other people to join and pay a fee as well.

The only real unique thing with The Affluence Network is the existence of those “crypto tokens.” Although The Affluence Network tries to market these tokens as some sort of investment opportunity where they increase in value as time goes on, this seems to be entirely fabricated.

I wasn’t able to track down any sort of exchange or storefront that accepts the tokens being offered, and from what I can see, it would appear that these tokens are worthless points that can be exchanged for some dollar amount that Tory R J Hogg can set at whatever he wants.

Even with this being so, that’s neither here nor there.

Directly paying affiliates to recruit other members and nothing having any sort of product line in place is still a pyramid scheme, and just like all other pyramid schemes that I’ve come across in my days of reviewing MLM opportunities, The Affluence Network will collapse once people eventually stop joining and paying their monthly fees.

The vast majority of folks who get wrapped up with The Affluence Network will end up losing out once all is said and done, with only Hogg being one of the few that ends up coming out on top.

I really hope you have gained value from my The Affluence Network Review.

I wanted to make sure you had all the information you needed, because most other The Affluence Network reviews are just trying to sell you something.

If you really do decide to join The Affluence Network, I want you to succeed with your business. Learn how to market yourself properly!

My training can help you make money online!