The 50 Best Marketing Companies in 2019 Review – Good Opportunities Or Big Scams?

The world of multi-level marketing is one of the biggest and most explosive around. New companies seem to be emerging all the time with new and bright ideas, and while that can make things confusing, it also makes the market beyond exciting.

As we haed into 2019, it’s important to know which MLM opportunities are worth your consideration. There are a ton of options out there to choose from, and to hopefully make your decision a little easier, I’ve put together a list of the top 50 ones that should be on your radar.
Let’s get things started!

Here is my unbiased review of the 50 Best Marketing Companies for 2019.

What The Heck Are The 50 Best Marketing Companies in 2019?

I guess we only have 49 to share! One of our selections has shut down since we did our research.

  1. Bode Pro

Kicking off this list is Bode Pro. This company has caused for a lot of talk and commotion, and the reason for it is quite simple. Bode Pro is being run by BK Boreyko. For those that aren’t familiar, BK Boreyko previously built a name for themselves in the MLM space, and as such, exciting things are expected with Bode Pro.

  1. Forever Green

Forever Green requires a large upfront joining cost that stretches into four figures. Yeah, that’s a lot of dough. However, if you’re someone with the means to cover it, you’re given the ability to establish your own unique business and set the price for all of the products that you sell.

The products are your disposal are legit, and with enough hard work, you’ll be able to quickly make back your money and start earning a profit.

  1. Beachbody

Want to get into shape while also being involved with MLM? That’s where Beachbody comes into play. The products being offered here are extremely high-quality and are among the best in this niche. The biggest downside here is that not everyone is aware that Beachbody is a networking company.

  1. ACN

ACN first appeared in 2000, and while the market wasn’t sure how to react to it back then, it’s since exploded into a legit company that’s absolutely worth a look. Its sales have seen some decline over the last few years, but seeing as how ACN is still making over $800 million in yearly revenue, it certainly still deserves a place on your watchlist.

  1. Youngevity

Anti-aging products are among the most popular in the MLM field, and as you can probably tell by the name, that’s exactly what Youngevity offers.

Selenium is the main ingredient in the company’s anti-aging products and has proven to be extremely effective for all kinds of people. Youngevity has seen steady growth over the years, and while there’s still a ways to go before it reaches the ranks of Jeunese and Nerium, it’s making good progress.

  1. It Works!

It Works! is an MLM opportunity focused on helping people lose weight. Its flagship product is a body wrap that you apply to yourself, and in no time at all, it helps you lose weight around your midsection.

There was initially some concern surrounding the company’s minimum sales quota, but that kink has since been worked out.

  1. NHT Global

NHT Global calls home to the niche of health and personal care, but it’s since come under fire for drastically inflating the cost of the products it sells. This isn’t unheard of in the MLM space, but some items were being marketed up by 600% to 900%. Yikes.

NHT Global is working on bouncing back from this, and if you want to stick with the company for the long haul while it remedies itself, it may be worth a look.

  1. PartyLite

Hosting house parties is one of the oldest moves in the MLM game, and that’s something that PartyLite places a big focus on. You’ll be selling candles at these parties, and while that may not be the most exciting business proposition around, this could prove to be a solid money-maker for people that are especially talented at the house party sales game.

  1. USANA

If you know anything about USANA, you may be surprised to see them on this list. The company came under fire from both the FBI and SEC in 2007, but over the years, it’s slowly been licking its wounds and coming back with a better offering.

According to a report from the company, full-time representatives can make up to $76,000/year. Wowza!

  1. Melaleuca

Melaleuca has been kicking around in the MLM space for around 20 years, and recently, the company reported yearly sales that reach over $1 billion.

The company is now seen as “the largest online wellness shopping club” in the world, and when you add that together with the big money and years of experience, it’s evident that this is a profitable opportunity that’s not going anywhere.

  1. Seacret

Skincare products are the name of the game for Seacret, and while that’s a niche a lot of other companies target, Seacret does something unique by using dead sea ingredients as a component for them.

  1. Jamberry Nails

If you’re someone that likes to paint and style their nails, Jamberry Nails is for you. The company offers custom designs for nails and has a special adhesive technique that’s apparently quite the thing in this niche.

The company quickly gathered more than 100,000 affiliates in hardly any time at all and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

  1. World Ventures

The niche of travel is one of the most heated in MLM, but one company that’s managed to make something of itself here is World Ventures.

World Ventures brings a unique flair to MLM travel and was recently credited as being among the 5000 fastest growing companies in the world. Not too shabby at all.

  1. Natures Sunshine

Herbal supplements are the main focus for Natures Sunshine, and boy have these things proven to be popular! This is a company that’s gotten its products into food stores just about everywhere, and if this is a field you’re interested in, Natures Sunshine is definitely one of the best places to get started with.

  1. Kyani

Kyani sells super-fruits to its customers and markets them as being wonders for your health. They do charge a pretty penny for what’s offered, but even so, it’s expanded to more than 44 countries all across the globe and is still expanding as we speak. For only being in business for about 10 years, that’s awfully impressive.

  1. Rain

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — nutrition is a huge niche for MLM. Rain is based out of Utah in the United States, and its biggest offering is something called “black cumin seed” that’s’ reported to help fight cancer.

  1. Market America

While some companies focus on once niche and go all in on that, Market America takes the approach of pretty much selling the kitchen sink. You can buy just about everything here, and along with that, it’s also got years of experience to back it up. It’s basically the Amazon of MLM, and that’s a great thing to be known as.

  1. Ambit Energy

Having an MLM company focus on energy as its niche is a unique idea, and in that case of Ambit Energy, that’s exactly what we’ve got. The company did come under some heat with a class action lawsuit, but seeing as how it’s making $1.5 billion in revenue, it’s definitely doing something right.

  1. Scentsy

And, we have Scentsy. Scentsy offers extremely high-quality products, offers a compensation plan that’s fair and honest, and is growing at a stupidly fast rate. If you keep your eye on any MLM company in 2019, make sure it’s Scentsy.

  1. Pampered Chef

When it comes to kitchen-focused MLM niches, few are as well-known as Pampered Chef. You can buy just about any kitchen tool or utensil from Pampered Chef, and while its products do range on the high end of the price spectrum, they’re high quality and well known by people everywhere.

  1. 4Life

4Life is yet another company that’s offering products in the nutrition niche, and although it saw some decline recently, it’s still quite large with operations in more than 50 countries. Commission rates aren’t the best I’ve ever seen, but the quality of the products being sold is exceptional.

  1. Plexus

Plexus has had a rocky history. It doesn’t have a great past with the FDA or BBB, but over time, it’s fixed what needed fixing and has since grown into a pretty sold weight-loss focused MLM opportunity. If you’re a rep for the company, you can see commissions as high as 50%!

  1. Arbonne

Arbonne has a tough road ahead of itself as itself as it plans to compete with Avon and Mary Kay, but it takes the upper hand by offering cruelty-free products to its customers.

  1. My Lead System Pro

SEO is immensely powerful, and one company that’s dominating this niche right now is MLSP. The company is promoted by Rob Fore (one of the biggest names in SEO) and are one of the most innovative and exciting companies I’ve seen in quite some time.

  1. Tecademics

Tecademics focuses on digital marketing for its MLM efforts, and this decision has paid off quite well for it.

Chris Record is the company’s founder and previously was involved with Empower Network where he was credited as one of the top members of the company.

  1. Omnilife

Jorge Vergara is the man behind Omnilife, and while he is now a billionaire thanks to the company, he started out by doing nothing more than selling tacos over in Mexico. Jorge then decided to buy herbal supplements, bring them into the country, and then get the government to change its regulations on nutritional products. Now he’s established a seriously successful MLM opportunity. Quite the story if you ask me.

  1. Team National

Coupon books are one of the oldest things to sell in MLM, but for whatever reason, they continue to sell like hotcakes for Team National. You might not think a company like this would be so popular as we head into 2019, but it absolutely is.

  1. Level Thrive

Level Thrive has been in the MLM space for a little over 5 years at this point and focuses its efforts on the popular niche of health and wellness. It’s received multiple awards over the years and is growing at a very impressive rate.

  1. Lifevantage

Lifevantage is being run out of Utah and is currently seeing impressive yearly revenue of $214 million. Along with solid commission rates, members are also eligible for as many as 6 different bonuses for increased sales performance.

  1. Purium

Purium markets its products as being “The FASTEST, healthiest, simplest weight loss program on the planet.” That’s quite the claim to live up to, but it’s not all just talk. Purium’s organic weight loss offerings work, and they work darn good.

  1. Mary Kay

You’ve heard of Mary Kay at one point or another. This company sells all sorts of products for women, including one of the largest makeup catalogs you’ll ever find. This is a really safe company to join and one of the most popular options for people just getting started with MLM.

  1. World Global Network

World Global Network is on the pulse of all of the latest technology. You can purchase high-tech phones, wearables, and virtual reality headsets from the company that are bound to capture your amazement. It’s not that old, but even so, is widely considered to be among the top 100 MLM companies in the entire world.

  1. Isagenix

Isagenix has plenty of room to grow and mature, but the current state of it right now is still pretty impressive. Its products have excellent reviews and the comp plan is really well fleshed out.

  1. Amway

Anyway is another one of those companies that’s become synonymous with MLM at this point. It has impressive yearly revenue at $8.8 billion and has a variety of products to buy that are some of the best in the business. This is the MLM company to join if you don’t know where to start.

  1. Avon

Keeping with popular MLM opportunities, we have to talk about Avon!

Avon takes the lead over Mary Kay thanks to more varied products and increased revenue, and while sales have been less impressive over the last 5 years, there’s still plenty to like here.

  1. Nu Skin

Nu Skin is making around $3 billion each year in revenue, so you know they’re doing something right. They’re growing quite fast on the stock exchange and have quality skincare proudcts to boot.

  1. Nerium

Nerium is basically the king when it comes to anti-aging products. It sees revenue that stretches over $100 million, and that was just during its first year of business. The room for growth with Nerium is huge, and I can’t wait to see where it goes down the road.

  1. Modere

If you want to join an MLM opportunity that’s focused on being friendly on the environment, join Modere. The company’s HQ is entirely powered by the wind and is always looking for new ways to lessen its carbon footprint. That’s a lesson we can all stand to learn from.

  1. Younique

This is an MLM opportunity that really is quite unique. It has a presence on social media that’s one of the best I’ve ever seen and is quickly becoming one of the most talked-about MLM companies around. Definitely keep your eye on this one. It’s going places.

  1. Motorclub of America

Coming into the top 10, we have Motorclub of America. It’s essentially a more affordable version of AAA, offer the same services, and even has an MLM opportunity baked into it. It’s quite the concept and has been one of the most prominent MLM companies since its debut back in 1926.

  1. Primerica

Primerica is a financial-focused MLM opportunity, and while these traditionally don’t do that well, Primerica has found a winning formula. It’s been around for more than 30 years, and a little while back in 2013, it reported an impressive profit of $1.27 billion.

  1. Advocare

Advore first came about in 1933. You may think it would have burnt out by now, but that’s certainly not the case. It’s still kicking strong today with good products and a healthy comp plan.

  1. Monat Global

Hair cair is a niche that doesn’t get targeted that often in MLM, but Monat Global chose to focus on it and be quite successful while doing so. The products being offered are some of the best you can find and there’s good money to be made with enough hard work.

  1. Rodan and Fields

When it comes to skincare products, some of the very best you can buy come from Rodan and Fields. These products are seriously effective and popular. In fact, Rodan and Fields is the company behind Proactiv!

  1. Jeunesse

If you want an anti-aging cream that’ll work like magic, Jeunesse is for you. The company’s special cream can literally make wrinkles disappear in seconds, and when you add that together with a good compensation plan, you get something really special.

  1. Young Living

Essential oils. They’re extremely hot right now, and one company that’s doing them better than almost anyone else is Young Living. The oils offer a host of benefits and are priced fairly well, too.

  1. Herbalife

Herbalife has a rocky history with the FTC, but don’t let that discourage you from joining this one.

Herbalife has a ton of products to choose from and a comp plan that can make you a serious load of cash.

  1. DoTerra

DoTerra is one of the newest companies to enter the MLM space, and it too is focused on essential oils. It’s steadily been making headway to compete directly with Young Living despite its young age.

  1. FunnelXROI

And, finally, we have FunnelXROI. FunnelXROI is not one business opportunity but rather a very slick sales funnel promoting 2 business opportunities and it’s got several other income streams in addition to that.

The problem with a lot of the MLM’s/Network Marketing companies is that they have “zero sales funnel” in place.

But FunnelXROI solves that problem and has one of the best sales funnels I’ve seen.

See my review here and check it out.

So, Are The 50 Best Marketing Companies in 2019 Scams?

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