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  • Things That May Affect Your SEO But Might Not

    Search Engine Optimisation for the most part is something of a guessing game in which we are required to try and second guess Google in such a way as to continually please them, with our content and our promotional strategies. Sometimes Google will come right […]

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  • matt-cutts-tweet

    Exact Match Domains Penalty from Google Update

    At the end of last month, Matt Cutts (Google’s head of webspam) tweeted an early warning about an “upcoming algorithm” change to how exact match domains (EMD’s) rank in the search results: And shortly afterwards, Search Engine Land confirmed that Google released a Panda algorithm […]

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  • internet-decade-later-infographic

    See How The Internet Has Changed in The Last 10 Years (Infographic)

    Each year, we notice how much the Internet is changing so looking back over 10 years, it really is interesting to see how it was back then. This infographic from does just that, showing how much things have changed.   A few interesting takeaways […]

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  • Quality Links

    5 SEO Link Building Guides That You Need

    We are in a post Penguin world and it’s more important than ever to know how to attract and build quality links. For us in the SEO industry, we have to be more creative than ever to gain the quality links that are required.   […]

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  • SEO Penguin Update

    SEO Advice after The Penguin Update

    One of the major changes of this year has been the Penguin update, originally known as the Webspam Update that was announced first by Google on April 24th 2012. Shortly after, Google gave the update an official name: Penguin   In short, Google are targeting […]

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  • seo-stages-infographic

    The Stages of SEO (with a beautiful Infographic)

    Within an SEO Strategy, there are a lot of stages to consider and work through systematically. This alone can present problems. With the wrong guidance, a business can try and do something like page and search optimization before assesing the site architecture and structure. Equally […]

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  • marketplace-environment

    How to do a Website SEO Audit in 15 minutes

    So, you’re a small business owner and may not have the resources to pay somebody oodles of cash to do some SEO. Furthermore, you want to find out quickly the status of your SEO. You could contact someone like us to do you a comprehensive […]

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  • canonical problem

    SEO Tips: On-Page Optimisation | Part 2

    So, in part 1 we looked at some highly important areas: The kind of  basics that need sorting from the beginning of the project. Things like avoiding Flash, having a good structure, naming title tags. In this part, we are going to carry on looking […]

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  • on page optimisation

    SEO Tips: On-Page Optimisation | Part 1


    What is On-Page Optimisation? Unlike Off Page Optimisation (that focuses on the external activity linking to the website), On-Page Optimisation consists of the techniques that are implemented directly on the website. A bit like a car that requires mechanical tweaking underneath the bonnet, implementing on-page […]

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  • Welcome To Our Blog

      As part of our principles, this blog has been set up as a learning resource first and foremost. We at SEO Spark are specialists in Search Engine Optimisation and aim to share this knowledge for FREE to the wider community and our clients. We […]

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