SendViper Review – Is This A Good Opportunity Or Big Scam?

SendViper reviewYou may have noticed that SendViper is getting a lot of hype and attention these days.

You might have had some friends in Network Marketing approach you about SendViper, or you may have seen it on social media.

I want to let you know, first of all, that I am NOT promoting SendViper as my own business opportunity. I am not an affiliate or distributor.

I have gathered here all the facts about SendViper in my SendViper Review – now you can learn all you need to know about it.

Is SendViper really a legit business?

Is SendViper a safe business to join?

Let me show you in my review of SendViper.

Exactly What Is SendViper?

When looking at the official website for SendViper, we aren’t able to locate any information in regards to the ownership of the company. This is standard information that is always made publically available for any legitimate company, and the fact that it isn’t displayed on SendViper’s website does cause for some serious concern right off the bat.

If we take a closer look at the website in question, it can be determined that it was first registered back on January 9th of this year – 2016. Unfortunately, the domain name was registered under a private state.

As a result, we are unable to figure out who or where the domain was registered, further creating a sense of illusion and mystery behind SendViper.

However, if we do a bit of deeper digging, we’re able to pull out more information regarding the company’s background.

According to the SendViper Terms of Use that are posted on the website, it addresses users to “contact Monster Clicks LLC d/b/a SendViper, a Wyoming limited liability company.”

If we take an ever closer look at these Terms of Use and focus more on the Monster Clicks LLC that’s mentioned in them, we are able to learn that the company in question was actually founded by a man named Michael Smith.

Monster Clicks is in fact its own company, and the site for it describes itself to be a lead generation business. Their site also lists that SendViper is a “passive earnings hub.”

Thanks to this info, we can pretty safely assume that Michael Smith is the owner and main operator of SendViper. And, from what we’ve been able to tell, this is Michael’s first venture into the world of multi-level marketing.

However, that then begs the question as to whether or not SendViper is a success for Michael.

In order to answer that, we need to look more closely at the company as a whole.

SendViper Scam

What Is The SendViper Product Line?

If we take a look at the company’s product line, it doesn’t take long to realize that there really isn’t much here to talk about at all.

That is unfortunately due to the fact that SendViper doesn’t have any retail-based products or services to offer to retail customers.

When an affiliate does sign up for SendViper’s affiliate program, they will be granted with the option to invest in something the company is calling their “Profit Strike” program. From what we’ve been able to tell, Profit Strike is the name of the MLM side of the company in which affiliates can earn their commissions.

Additionally, paying affiliates will also gain access to a sort of email marketing program that SendViper offers as well. However, the actual substance behind this email suite is currently unknown.

What Can You Tell Me About The Compensation Plan For SendViper?

In regards to the compensation plan that the company is using, SendViper pays their affiliates through the use of a unilevel payment system. The unilevel system consists of various teams, and each team starts out by having one single affiliate placed at the very top.

Once this affiliate is positioned here, they then set out to recruit additional members to join the company’s affiliate program. When this takes place, these new additions are placed at the level 1 spot.

Level 1 affiliates will recruit level 2 affiliates, level 2 affiliates will recruit level 3 affiliates, and so on and so on.

An endless amount of these levels can be crated, but SendViper does place a payment cap on only the first 5 levels in each unilevel team.

The commissions that are doled out to affiliates within the company come in the form of a certain percentage of the monthly fees that affiliates pay each month to remain active within the company, and they work out in the following manner –

Affiliates who are placed at the level 1 spot, or have been personally recruited to start a team, will see a commission of 25% of all monthly fees paid within their team. The next stop down is level 2, and these affiliates will see a commission of 10% of these funds.

Moving down to level 3 affiliates, we’re looking at a commission of 5%. Level 4 affiliates earn 3%, and level 5 affiliates earn a meager 2%.

So, the higher up your position is within a unilevel team, the more money you’ll make through these commissions.

What Will It Cost To Join SendViper?

If you want to join SendViper, you’re going to be required to shell out a certain amount of money in order to become an affiliate. The company has 6 different plans to choose from, and each plan also grants you with access to SendViper’s email marketing platform.

In any case, here’s how those plans breakdown –

  • The cheapest plan is that of the Beginner, and it will set you back $27/month. In addition to this, you’ll be able to send up to 50,000 emails through the email client that SendViper is running.
  • Essential is the next plan up from Beginner, and along with being able to send up to 100,000 emails, you’ll also be required to pay a fee of $47 each month.
  • With the Business plan, affiliates are required to pay a monthly fee of $97. In addition to this, they’ll also be able to send up to 250,000 total emails.
  • Elite is next on the list, and along with the higher cost of $207/month, your email send cap is also boosted up to 500,000.
  • The Professional plan is the highest option available, and it’ll run you a healthy $397 every month. However, you’re also gaining the ability to send up to 1,000,000 emails.

If you plan on sending more than 1,000,000 emails each month, SendViper does have Customer Enterprise Plans that are available. What’s worth noting here is that the actual cost of this could vary from person-to-person. On their website, SendViper says that the price for these plans will be determined upon a review of your submitted application to gain access to it.

Is SendViper A Scam?

If you have heard that SendViper is a scam, then you’ve come to the right place to find out the truth.

What’s the truth – is SendViper a scam?

I would say not exactly. However, there are some things to be aware of before joining, which I have detailed in the conclusion.

You will only be successful by recognizing the weaknesses and finding a way to move past them.

Conclusion For My SendViper Review

Although affiliates within the company gain access to the email suite that SendViper has, this isn’t something that they’re able to market to retail customers.

So, as a result of this, affiliates for SendViper do nothing more than enlist more and more people to join the company.

While the email service might offer something of substance, it really doesn’t matter since this isn’t a retail good that can be marketed to outside customers.

From this perspective, it’s quite easy to see that all of the funds that SendViper has are entirely from the investments of existing and new affiliates.

This is a guaranteed recipe for disaster, and it places SendViper in the category of a pyramid scheme.

The company could remedy this by introducing retail sales, but the likelihood of this ever happening is rather slim.

So, when new investments and affiliates stop coming into the company, SendViper will quickly run out of funds to pay off commissions that they owe to existing affiliates.

When this takes place, Michael will make off with whatever funds he’s earned, and anyone involved with the company who hasn’t been able to make back their invested money will end up losing out on the deal.

I definitely hope you have found value in my Review of SendViper.

I went into a lot of detail so that you can make a proper decision about whether you want to join or not.

If you do decide to proceed with SendViper, make sure you take the time to learn how to market yourself!

My training below can help you with that.