Python Signals Review – Is This A Good Opportunity Or Big Scam?

Python Signals ReviewPython Signals has been getting a lot of attention on the web lately.

Because there is so much hype, a lot of network marketers are trying to sell this opportunity all over the place, including all over social media.

I want to let you all know that I am NOT in any way promoting or selling Python Signals.

I have simply gathered for you all the facts in this Python Signals Review in order for you to make a proper decision about it.

So, is it true? Is Python Signals a scam?

Can it really help you build an online empire?

Let’s carry on with the review.

What Is Python Signals?

Taking a look at Python Signals, here we have another MLM opportunity that’s trying to make it big in the world of cryptocurrency. According to the company’s website, it’s being led by Marius Landman, Gavin Victor, and Enakirerhi Ejovwoke.

Marius previously had some experience in the marketing world, but he got out of that a few years ago and has since taken to Twitter to establish himself as a source of resource and knowledge for all things cryptocurrency.

Back in April 2019 during a webinar for Python Signals, Gavin revealed that he was previously involved with other MLM companies, including Davor Coin, USI Tech, and BitConnect.

As for Ejovwoke, he is also serving as the CEO for RealSearch and Partners — a firm that’s dedicated to blockchain development.

Python Signals uses its website to indicate that it’s being run out of Mauritius, but there are clear indications that the company is deeply connected to Africa from the executives mentioned above. There’s also a mention of Australia, so the location is a bit messy.

Python Signals Scam

What Are The Products For Python Signals?

Moving along to the product line side of things, Python Signals doesn’t have anything to show for in the way of a traditional product line. No goods or services are sold to retail customers, and because of this, you won’t find any retail sales activity.

The only thing affiliates can offer is access to the affiliate membership itself, and once you become a member, you gain access to “bitcoin trend forecast and bitcoin price predictions.”

Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, affiliates can participate in the bundled income opportunity.

What Is The Compensation Plan For Python Signals?

As an affiliate, you’ll need to purchase positions in a 2×18 matrix that Python Signals is running. There are a few buy-in options, including:

  • Gold — Spend $150 for a 90-day subscription
  • Platinum — Spend $250 for a 180-day subscription
  • Galaxy — Spend $500 for a 12-month subscription
  • Diamond — Spend $950 for a 24-month subscription
  • Lifetime Galaxy — Spend $2000 for a lifetime subscription

Once you’re all paid up, you then earn money by recruiting other people into Python Signals. The amount of money you earn depends on the membership you signed up for, with Gold through Diamond earning 10% and Lifetime Galaxy making 15%.

Residual commissions also come into play, with this being how money gets paid out via the matrix. As you recruit more and more people into different levels, you earn more money. Each level also comes with its own earning rate, with it dropping as you get deeper and deeper into the matrix.

What’s Does It Cost To Join Python Signals?

If you’d like to join Python Signals, you’ll need to pay for one of the subscriptions mentioned above.

This means you’ll spend at least $150, or can go up to $2000.

Is Python Signals A Scam?

Have you heard from a friend that Python Signals is a scam?

Based on this review, it might be hard to tell.

What exactly is the truth about Python Signals – is it a scam or legit?

Good news – Python Signals is not a scam.

But, be sure to take a look at the conclusion, because there are some things you should be aware of.

This is how you will build a successful in your business.

Let me help you make more money.

Python Signals Review Conclusion

Despite its big focus on cryptocurrency, Python Signals is all about recruitment. You pay a fee to join, and from there, your main goal is to convince other people to do the same thing.

Recruitment opportunities can come with a lot of earning potential if you join early enough, but by nature, they’re also incredibly risky.

People that are aware of that risk and like the thrill that comes with it may want to give Python Signals a look, but for anyone else that wants to join a company for long-term, stable income, you’ll want to go elsewhere.

I sure hope that you have found my Python Signals review helpful for you.

Some other reviews have been pretty scant on details, and I wanted my Python Signals review to have all the information for you.

If you decide to carry forward with Python Signals, make sure you make the most out of it and learn how to market yourself online.

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