PlanNet Marketing Review – Is This A Good Opportunity Or Big Scam?

PlanNet Marketing ReviewYou may have noticed that PlanNet Marketing is getting a lot of hype and attention these days.

You might have had some friends in Network Marketing approach you about PlanNet Marketing, or you may have seen it on social media.

I want to let you know, first of all, that I am NOT promoting PlanNet Marketing as my own business opportunity. I am not an affiliate or distributor.

I have gathered here all the facts about PlanNet Marketing in my PlanNet Marketing Review – now you can learn all you need to know about it.

Is PlanNet Marketing really a legit business?

Is PlanNet Marketing a safe business to join?

Let me show you in my review of PlanNet Marketing.

Get started by reading my review below.

Exactly What Is PlanNet Marketing?

PlanNet Marketing is the latest multi-level marketing company that’s popped up on our radar, and this time around, we’re looking at a business that focuses on operating in the world of the travel industry.

We always place a great deal of importance on being able to identify a reputable face behind any company that we review, so we’re very pleased – and relieved – to see that PlanNet Marketing makes this info clear from the get-go. Two names are listed on the website – Don Bradley and Andy Cauthen – and these two men are listed to be PlanNet Marketing’s Founders and CEOs.

Additionally, we were able to locate quite a bit of information on each of the men as well.

Donald Bradley was previously the VP of Marketing for a company by the name of Paycation. Paycation is another MLM opportunity that operates in the travel industry, but this company primary sees affiliates getting paid when the recruit new members to join the affiliate program.

Even before Paycation, Donald was involved with another travel-based MLM company, this one going by the name of Pro Travel Network.

As for Andy Cauthen, he first joined the company YTB International all the way back in November of 2004. Following this, he was promoted to the position of President and Chief Financial Officer in October of 2006 – just two years later.

For those who aren’t familiar with the company, TYB International began its life as a typical pyramid scheme in the MLM realm. The company saw some major issues throughout 2008 and 2009, and then Cauthen was once again appointed as CEO and President in May, 2012. However, just two years later in June of 2014, Cauthen officially left YTB International.

PlanNet Marketing Scam

What Is The PlanNet Marketing Product Line?

As we mentioned in the introduction for this review, PlanNet Marketing operates in the field of retail travel, and offers a variety of different services in this particular area.

Essentially, PlanNet Marketing offers their affiliates a form of custom website for booking different travel packages. When affiliates for the company book these plans through the PlanNet Marketing site, they are able to earn a commission.

When reading further through the PlanNet Marketing’s documentation on their website, we were able to figure out that the company calls their affiliates “agents”. PlanNet Marketing says that their agents are able to book travel destinations for their clients on their own basis, and that they can essentially work as often or as little as they’d like to.

So, another travel opportunity and there are plenty of them around at the moment such as Hodo Global which I’ve just been looking at as well.

PlanNet Marketing does not have any quotas or minimum requirements in order to join, and the company states that you can decide whether or not you want to make your time with the company a full or part-time position.

However, in order to sign up as an agent for PlanNet Marketing, you’ll be required to invest an initial payment of $199. Following this payment, agents will be required to pay a monthly membership fee of $39.95.

What Can You Tell Me About The Compensation Plan For PlanNet Marketing?

When it comes to making money with PlanNet Marketing, affiliates are required to recruit new individuals to join the affiliate program, as well as maintain an active line of what PlanNet Marketing calls “InteleTravel affiliates.”

These InteleTravel affiliates are simply affiliates that regularly pay the monthly fees that are associated with the separate InteleTravel agent affiliate program.

InteleTravel Agent Commissions

In the even that an affiliate for PlanNet Marketing is able to enlist someone to join as an InteleTravel member, that recruiting affiliate will see a hefty commission of $50 per recruit.

However, getting someone to join as an InteleTravel agent may not be the easiest task ever. Joining as this type of agent will require an upfront payment of $179, along with a monthly membership fee of $39.95.

And, when the newly recruited affiliate gets others to sign up and do the same, the affiliate that initially recruited them will see a matching bonus of $25 – aka 50%.

Residual Commissions

This wouldn’t be a true MLM company is residual commissions didn’t play a big factor, and PlanNet Marketing certainly has a residual commission set in place.

In this particular case, the company handles these commissions through the use of a 3 x 9 matrix system. In order for a matrix to be filled, 29,523 positions need to be filled. And, subsequently, commissions aren’t paid out until each and every one of those spots sees fulfillment.

The positions are only filled when people sign up as an InteleTravel member, and the $39.95/month fee that’s paid through this membership is then used to pay the $4/month commission for each position in a matrix that’s filled.

Gold Builder Bonus

One of the multiple bonuses that PlanNet Marketing pays out goes by the name of the Gold Builder Bonus.

This bonus is paid out through a common unilevel system, and affiliates can qualify for a spot in the Gold Builder Bonus by signing up as an InteleTravel agent, and then recruiting 9 other people to do the same thing.

PlanNet Marketing Compensation Plan

Once an affiliate is qualified to take part in this bonus, they’ll be able to earn an extra commission of $10 each and every time that someone in their unilevel team is able to sell a membership for the InteleTravel agent program.

Director Bonus

The second bonus that’s offered is called the Director Bonus. In this case, the bonus is paid out as affiliates in PlanNet Marketing recruit and maintain so many affiliates who sign up as InteleTravel agents.

The amount of this bonus is directly tied to the amount of affiliates that you recruit, so the more affiliates you rack up, the more of a bonus you stand to make.

Rank Achievement Bonus

Of all the bonuses that are offered, the Rank Achievement one is perhaps the most interesting.

Once affiliates for PlanNet Marketing earn a certain dollar amount each month, they’ll be awarded with a reward.

For example, earning $8333 each month will allow you to snatch up a Sapphire ring. However, if you get that commission all the way up to $41,667/month, you’ll be eligible to receive a Diamond ring.

What Will It Cost To Join PlanNet Marketing?

In order to join the basic affiliate program that is offered by PlanNet Marketing, you’ll be required to shell out a monthly fee of $19.95.

Is PlanNet Marketing A Scam?

If you have heard that PlanNet Marketing is a scam, then you’ve come to the right place to find out the truth.

What’s the truth – is PlanNet Marketing a scam?

I would say no, it isn’t. However, there are some things to be aware of before joining, which I have detailed in the conclusion.

You will only be successful by recognizing the weaknesses and finding a way to move past them.

Conclusion For My PlanNet Marketing Review

If we’re looking solely at what PlanNet Marketing’s InteleTravel agent membership has to offer, the whole system is rather legitimate.

Those who decide to sign up are required to pay a monthly fee, and they are able to get a commission as they get clients to book various travel plans and destinations through their own custom travel website.

However, a bit of further digging reveals some worrisome issues that could cause for big trouble later on down the road.

You see, PlanNet Marketing doesn’t actually have any product line to speak of. When it comes down to it, the company only has the InteleTravel affiliate membership to sell.

Although the membership itself does come with the chance for affiliates to offer travel discounts to outside clients, PlanNet Marketing itself does not have any retail products to sell to outside consumers. So, actually, this business has similar problems to FX United and THW Global as well.

The other issue facing PlanNet Marketing is whether or not InteleTravel agents that are signing up for the membership are already affiliates for PlanNet Marketing.

Although non-affiliates do stand to get a $20 discount off the InteleTravel agent membership, there’s still a very good chance that the people signing up for this are already affiliates for PlanNet Marketing.

I definitely hope you have found value in my Review of PlanNet Marketing.

I went into a lot of detail so that you can make a proper decision about whether you want to join or not.

If you do decide to proceed with PlanNet Marketing, make sure you take the time to learn how to market yourself!

My training below can help you with that.