Me Coin Review – Is This A Good Opportunity Or Big Scam?

Me Coin ReviewIn the last few weeks, Me Coin has been getting a lot of attention in the network marketing circles.

With all this hype, I am sure you have seen some of your friends trying to sell Me Coin in your social media feeds.

The first thing you need to know is that I am NOT an affiliate or distributor for Me Coin.

I wanted to gather all the information about Me Coin in my Me Coin Review in order for you to make a decision about joining Me Coin.

Is Me Coin legit or a scam?

Will it be able to deliver on it’s promises to you?

Let me show you in my unbiased review of Me Coin.

Read on to find out what you need to know.

What The Heck Is Me Coin?

To jumpstart this review, let’s talk about Me Coin’s official website.

It’s quite often I come across websites for new MLM startups in which the website for the company is missing some info here and there, but Me Coin’s site is one of the worst offenders for this that I’ve come across in quite some time.

First off, you’ve got your standard array of missing info for who’s running the company, who founded it, where in the world it’s being run out of, etc.

However, Me Coin’s site is even worse when you consider the fact that the only purpose it currently serves is to have people sign up as an affiliate. No more, no less.

Taking an even deeper dive, the registration for the site’s domain reveals that it was acquired on January 28 of this year, but that’s it. Because of the private nature of the registration, there’s no way of telling who the owner is or where they were when this took place.

Thankfully, after plenty of digging around and research, I was able to associate a name with Me Coin.

After locating numerous conference calls that were conducted with Me Coin affiliates, it would appear that the Me Coin CEO goes by the name of Juan Carlos Olaya. Additionally, various marketing videos that can be found on YouTube credit Olaya with also being the President and Co-Founder of Ingreso Cybernetico — a pyramid scheme.

Juan Carlos Olaya could be seen promoting Ingreso Cybernetico in May, 2016, but Alexa rankings for his company’s website show that traffic started to decline in 2016 and throughout 2017.

As such, it’s safe to say that Ingreso Cybernetico is no more.

Since the collapse of his first pyramid scheme, Olaya has been biding his time by creating and uploading fairly generic training videos over online marketing to his own YouTube channel. And, to follow those up, we now have Me Coin.

Me Coin Scam

What Are The Me Coin Products?

Based off of the information I just outlined, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that Me Coin doesn’t have any sort of product line in place at all.

There aren’t any goods or services to be seen that are being sold to retail customers, and this create for a consequence of retail sales not being able to take place.

Also because of all this, affiliates for Me Coin have nothing more than the membership for the income opportunity to sell off to people that might be interested in it.

Add all of this together, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a typically nasty MLM underbelly scheme.

What About The Compensation Plan For Me Coin?

Moving along to the compensation plan that Me Coin is running, affiliates are able to earn money by first investing bitcoin.

There are seven main levels of investment that affiliates can take part in, with investment amounts ranging from 0.102 BTC up to 10.2 BTC.

Choosing to invest more offers a higher daily payout, with the maximum offering being a 39.71% ROI each month.

Along with this, affiliates can also earn money through a pretty common binary setup.

Points are added up on both sides of the binary system, and positions within it are filled through both direct and indirect recruitment methods.

Commissions here are paid out on a daily basis through bitcoin as 10% of all points that have been generated on the weaker side of the binary for that date.

In this case, choosing to invest at a more expensive level will increase your daily earnings cap so that you can theoretically earn more with these binary-based commissions.

What’s The Cost Of Joining Me Coin?

If you’d like to join Me Coin for whatever reason, you’ll need to invest in at least one of the investment packages being offered. Those packages include the following —

  • Trader Junior investment level — 0.102 BTC
  • Trader Senior investment level — 0.3025 BTC
  • Executive Trader investment level — 0.503 BTC
  • Trader Scalper investment level — 1.05 BTC
  • Day Trader investment level — 3.1 BTC
  • Swing Trader investment level — 5.15 BTC
  • Position Trader investment level — 10.2 BTC

While going through the Me Coin compensation plan, I did notice that it says something about affiliates being required to pay a “monthly repurchase of your investment centers.” The comp plan doesn’t go into a whole lot of detail as to what this actually consists of, but my guess is that these investment amounts need to be paid on a recurring monthly basis.

So, Is There A Me Coin Scam Going On?

Have you been hearing rumours that Me Coin is a scam?

After reading this review, you might still be asking yourself if it is really legit.

So – what is the truth? Is there really a Me Coin scam going on?

If I am being perfectly honest, Me Coin isn’t entirely a scam.

However, there are some things you need to watch out for.

This is how you will be successful in online marketing. See the image below for details.

Finally, My Me Coin Review And Conclusion!

According to Me Coin’s website, the ROI that’s being generated here is all in thanks to bitcoin trading activity that is taking place.

Me Coin claims that, “We are the first broker in the market with a platform of live traders, operating in the main exchange of cripto [sic] currencies where all out operations are based on technical and fundamental analysis. Our experts are fully qualified to make a high level trading and performance for you, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.”

Surprise, surprise — there’s no proof anywhere to back up the claims that are being made here.

The only visible source of income that Me Coin is receiving is that of affiliate investments, and these are then being used to pay the ROIs and commissions that are being offered to existing members.

As such, Me Coin is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme.

Along with the lack of proof for the supposed bitcoin trading, Me Coin’s setup just doesn’t make sense at all. We’re expected to believe that Juan Carlos Olaya is able to generated a monthly ROI of 39.71% from these activities, but if this was truly the case, why in the world would he be asking other people to invest into his company?

He wouldn’t.

Similar to every other Ponzi scheme that has come and gone before Me Coin, the company will die once investment activity eventually stops. At this point in time, Olaya will run off with the lion’s share of all the invested money and leave all other affiliates to likely lose out.

It isn’t a happy ending at all, but in this case, it’s the one that you need to expect.

I really hope you have gained value from my Me Coin Review.

I wanted to make sure you had all the information you needed, because most other Me Coin reviews are just trying to sell you something.

If you really do decide to join Me Coin, I want you to succeed with your business. Learn how to market yourself properly!

My training can help you make money online!