MaVie Review – Is This A Good Opportunity Or Big Scam?

Movie ReviewYou may have noticed that MaVie is getting a lot of hype and attention these days.

You might have had some friends in Network Marketing approach you about MaVie, or you may have seen it on social media.

I want to let you know, first of all, that I am NOT promoting MaVie as my own business opportunity. I am not an affiliate or distributor.

I have gathered here all the facts about MaVie in my MaVie Review – now you can learn all you need to know about it.

Is MaVie really a legit business?

Is MaVie a safe business to join?

Let me show you in my review of MaVie.

Get started by reading my review below.

Exactly What Is MaVie?

Taking a look at MaVie, we’ve got an MLM setup that’s focused on three different niches — nutrition, travel, and e-commerce.

The MaVie website credits Aboud Barakat as its Founder and CEO, and upon further digging, I found that the majority of his professional background lies in the manufacturing process of various personal care and nutrition products.

As his corporate bio on MaVie reads:

“It also lead to the beginning of a ground breaking opportunity in the field of human DNA wellness tests.

This opportunity was based on wellness reports that measured an individual’s nutritional needs based on their personal genetic makeup.

Amazed with this scientific breakthrough that gave the ability to identify the wellness needs of any human being based on their DNA, About immediately pursued the commercial opportunity this presented.

MaVie was born from a partnership with a scientific team, dedicated to the provision of personalized wellness solutions.”

I attempted to find more info on Barakat and confirm the claims that are made above, but likely due to the background nature of his job, was unable to do so.

On another note, I also failed to determine what other MLM opportunities Barakat has previously been a part of.

Despite these roadblocks, the MaVie compensation plan does offer one nugget of data. According to the plan, Advanced Wellness Solutions PTD Ltd is its parent company. Advanced Wellness Solutions cites itself as a Singapore company, but MaVie’s compensation plan associates it with an address in Hong Kong.

Movie Scam

What Is The MaVie Product Line?

Looking at the product line MaVie has to offer, it promotes goods/services across the ranges of benefits, leisure, and health.

“We hear you, and we’ve handpicked travel deals that other travel agents only dream of.

With our wellness platform, we make sure you are in top shape for the perfect lifestyle with personalised health solutions that match your DNA.

With MaVie, you are part of our shopping community. Feel like a VIP, earn rewards and benefits when you shop with us.”

This is about as specific as MaVie gets when talking about its product line, meaning there’s no breakdown of individual offerings or retail pricing for what’s being sold.

MaVie’s website does offer some information on its “MV Preferred” plan, however. MV Preferred costs $299 and the $68.99 every four weeks, and by paying this, you get:

“Mavie basic benefits and looking for additional lifestyle benefits. Get access to dna-Wellness, dna-Travel and dna-Rewards benefits.”

What Can You Tell Me About The Compensation Plan For MaVie?

Should you choose to join MaVie for yourself, you’ll earn your commissions by selling the company’s membership plan to retail customers and other affiliates.

To qualify for the commissions being offered to you, you must first pay the $299.99 membership and then generate at least 25 PV (Personal Volume) every month.

After you meet these two qualifications, you’ll then earn a direct referral commission of $27 whenever you refer an affiliate or retail customer to purchase the membership, too.

When it comes to residual commissions, MaVie offers these through both a unilevel and binary system.

What Will It Cost To Join MaVie?

Interested in joining MaVie? If so, you’ll have to cough up $69.99 initially and then another $18.99 every four weeks.

Is MaVie A Scam?

If you have heard that MaVie is a scam, then you’ve come to the right place to find out the truth.

What’s the truth – is MaVie a scam?

I would say no. However, there are some things to be aware of before joining, which I have detailed in the conclusion.

You will only be successful by recognizing the weaknesses and finding a way to move past them.

Conclusion For My MaVie Review

MaVie is a peculiar MLM opportunity.

Looking at the compensation plan, it’s technically possible to focus your efforts on retail sales with a bit of recruitment and make a good chunk of cash off of your business.

However, something being technically possible doesn’t alwasy mean it’s a good fit.

On the retail side of things, the cost to join is ridiculous. With the $299 upfront cost and then recurring $68.99 payment, retail customers are faced with an annual fee of $1057.89 in order to access travel plan discounts, a DNA kit, and e-commerce site.

If you ask me, that’s an extremely tough sell and one that very few people will be genuinely interested in from a retail point of view.

There’s a fair amount to earn from MaVie if you instead focus your efforts on solely recruiting people into the company, but if you do that, you fall into the pitfalls of a pyramid/recruitment scam.

There’s an honest business opportunity hiding deep down in MaVie, but the work required to dig that up and do something with it isn’t worth the added effort.

If I were you, I’d sit this one out and look for something where your time and money will be spent much better.

I definitely hope you have found value in my Review of MaVie.

I went into a lot of detail so that you can make a proper decision about whether you want to join or not.

If you do decide to proceed with MaVie, make sure you take the time to learn how to market yourself!

My training below can help you with that.