Mainston Review – Is This A Good Opportunity Or Big Scam?

Mainston ReviewMainston has been getting a lot of attention on the web lately.

Because there is so much hype, a lot of network marketers are trying to sell this opportunity all over the place, including all over social media.

I want to let you all know that I am NOT in any way promoting or selling Mainston.

I have simply gathered for you all the facts in this Mainston Review in order for you to make a proper decision about it.

So, is it true? Is Mainston a scam?

Can it really help you build an online empire?

Let’s carry on with the review.

What Is Mainston?

If you recall, Mainston initially launched back in 2015. At the time, the business model was quite easy to understand — it was a four-tier recruitment opportunity, and not too long after it launched, the company collapsed.

Since then, however, Mainston has returned. This time around, it’s putting its focus on the niche of crypto.

Similar to when it launched in 2015, Mainston’s website doesn’t offer much in the way of background information on its website. According to the Terms and Conditions section of the site:

“[Mainston is] incorporated in Dr. Mladen Stojanovikj num.10, 1300 Kumanovo, Macedonia, registration number: 7360762, Vat number: 4017019537409.”

Taking a look at the compensation plan for the company, it identifies Fabrice Kerherve as Mainston’s President and Founder. Prior to Mainston, Fabrice was also behind another opportunity called “Flash4People.”

Mainston Scam

What Are The Products For Mainston?

As you might expect, Mainston doesn’t have a product line to speak of.

Rather than creating and maintaining a traditional product line, Mainston has chosen to only offer an affiliate membership.

This is something I see with a lot of different opportunities, so it’s not surprising in the slightest to see yet another one take this route of doing business.

What Is The Compensation Plan For Mainston?

Switching gears to talk about the compensation plan, Mainston affiliates are asked to invest their money into StonPacks. By doing this, they’re eligible to receive a monthly ROI of 1.25%.

You can invest in StonPacks for 152.21 EUR each, and at least from what I’m seeing, there’s no limit on how many of these you can invest in.

StonPacks come with a value of STON — an ERC-20 token that’s essentially a form of cryptocurrency with no value outside of the Mainston system.

Along with the ROI you can earn, affiliates also have the chance to make money with residual commissions.

The way residual commissions will be handled hasn’t been talked about yet, but Mainston has confirmed that recruitment will be paid across at least six different levels.

What’s Does It Cost To Join Mainston?

Although joining Mainston is technically free, you will need to invest 152.21 EUR in a StonPack in order to take full advantage of what the compensation plan has to offer.

You can invest in as many StonPacks as you’d like, and doing so will increase your earning potential.

However, rather than investing in a bunch at once, I’d maybe start with one, see how things go, and then decide if you want to keep investing money or not.

Is Mainston A Scam?

Have you heard from a friend that Mainston is a scam?

Based on this review, it might be hard to tell.

What exactly is the truth about Mainston – is it a scam or legit?

Good news – Mainston is not a scam.

But, be sure to take a look at the conclusion, because there are some things you should be aware of.

This is how you will build a successful in your business.

Let me help you make more money.

Mainston Review Conclusion

Wrapping up this review, I can say that Mainston is a pretty typical MLM opportunity that operates within the crypto niche,

Lots of companies are doing what they can to make it big with crypto. Sometimes these efforts are successful, other times they are not.

A lot of risk also comes with crypto, especially in cases like this where the currency doesn’t have a public value.

If you enjoy the element of risk, Mainston might be worth joining. However, if you prefer opportunities that are more stable, you’ll definitely want to turn your attention elsewhere.

I sure hope that you have found my Mainston review helpful for you.

Some other reviews have been pretty scant on details, and I wanted my Mainston review to have all the information for you.

If you decide to carry forward with Mainston, make sure you make the most out of it and learn how to market yourself online.

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