IXQ TV Review – Is This A Good Opportunity Or Big Scam?

IXQ TV ReviewIXQ TV has been getting a lot of attention on the web lately.

Because there is so much hype, a lot of network marketers are trying to sell this opportunity all over the place, including all over social media.

I want to let you all know that I am NOT in any way promoting or selling IXQ TV.

I have simply gathered for you all the facts in this IXQ TV Review in order for you to make a proper decision about it.

So, is it true? Is IXQ TV a scam?

Can it really help you build an online empire?

Let’s carry on with the review.

What Is IXQ TV?

Diving right into my review of IXQ TV, the company’s official website doesn’t reveal too much in regards to background information. There isn’t any mention of where the company is based out of, where it’s located, etc.

Thankfully, with a bit more looking, it doesn’t take long to find what we’re looking for.

The domain name for the company (IXQTV.com) was initially registered on April 26, 2018. The owner of the domain is David Bremner and it’s connected with an address in Virginia in the United States.

For those that may not remember, David Bremner first made a big appearance in the MLM space back in March of 2015 with the launch of a company called vStream TV.

vStream TV’s main claim to fame was that it sold streaming video boxes at a rate of $349 per box. The vStream TV website is still around, but visiting it today redirects you to the webpage for another brand called Lifestyle Savings Network.

Lifestyle Savings Network also sells streaming boxes, and from the look of things, is also managed by David Bremner. However, with Alexa rankings indicating that site traffic is on a big decline, it seems like IXQ TV is the successor to it.


What Are The Products For IXQ TV?

Rather than selling a physical streaming box, IXQ TV sells a streaming service through which people can watch content on whatever devices they already have. Per the company’s website:

“Over 5,000 Live Channels to watch. Access your streaming content through any mobile device, computer, smart tv or Andriod Box.

You will get access for up to 6 devices to be logged in at the same time. No more fighting over who watches what.”

In regards to pricing, it breaks down as follows:

  • Two concurrent streams — $39/month or $429/year
  • Four concurrent streams — $51/month or $561/year
  • Six concurrent streams — $63/month or $693/year

What Is The Compensation Plan For IXQ TV?

As an affiliate for IXQ TV, you’ll earn money by selling the streaming subscription to both retail customers and other affiliates. Along with that, you can also directly recruit people into IXQ TV and make money that way too.

A unilevel system is used to handle retail and recruitment commissions, and when it comes to residual ones, there’s a similar setup there, too.

Along with all this, affiliates can also work towards higher affiliate ranks and try to make even more money with IXQ TV.

What’s Does It Cost To Join IXQ TV?

Want to join IXQ TV for yourself? If so, you’ll be responsible for a membership fee of $59.95/month.

Is IXQ TV A Scam?

Have you heard from a friend that IXQ TV is a scam?

Based on this review, it might be hard to tell.

What exactly is the truth about IXQ TV – is it a scam or legit?

Good news – IXQ TV is not a scam.

But, be sure to take a look at the conclusion, because there are some things you should be aware of.

This is how you will build a successful in your business.

Let me help you make more money.

IXQ TV Review Conclusion

Wrapping all of this up, what’s the final word on IXQ TV?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that video streaming services are more popular and widely-used than ever before. More and more people are switching to them over traditional cable packages, meaning there’s a huge market of people to sell something like IXQ TV to.

On that same note, that huge market also means you’ll be faced with a lot of competition and could have a hard time making sales if you aren’t incredibly committed to closing deals.

Understand what you’re getting into, think about if you’re really passionate about this market, and then go from there.

I sure hope that you have found my IXQ TV review helpful for you.

Some other reviews have been pretty scant on details, and I wanted my IXQ TV review to have all the information for you.

If you decide to carry forward with IXQ TV, make sure you make the most out of it and learn how to market yourself online.

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