Initiative Q Review – Is This A Good Opportunity Or Big Scam?

Initiative Q ReviewInitiative Q has been getting a lot of attention on the web lately.

Because there is so much hype, a lot of network marketers are trying to sell this opportunity all over the place, including all over social media.

I want to let you all know that I am NOT in any way promoting or selling Initiative Q.

I have simply gathered for you all the facts in this Initiative Q Review in order for you to make a proper decision about it.

So, is it true? Is Initiative Q a scam?

Can it really help you build an online empire?

Let’s carry on with the review.

Also, see my video about it below:

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What Is Initiative Q?

No matter who you are, there’s a really, really good chance you’ve at least heard something about cryptocurrency. At this day in age, it’s kind of impossible to avoid the subject.

Cryptocurrency got extremely popular a few months back when bitcoin was on a ridiculous rise, and while it’s since died out a bit, that hasn’t stopped the crypto hype from consuming a lot of people and businesses.

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We’ve seen a ton of brands try to cash in on this crypto interest, one of which is Initiative Q — the company I’m reviewing today.

Initiative Q is being marketed as a new type of “payment system” that was apparently created by the same people behind PayPal. Looking at the Initiative Q website, you’ll find copywriting that explains how regular debit/credit cards have become outdated and that it’s now time for “tomorrow’s payment network.”

The alternative that Initiative Q has apparently created uses technologies “which aggregate the best ideas, innovations, and technologies developed in recent years.”

On the About page, part of it reads as follows:

“The idea behind Initiative Q is to first create a critical mass of users, which can then be harnessed to create the world’s best payment network. Therefore, our primary focus is to get millions of Q members registered, after which we will continue recruiting the world’s top professionals in payment systems, macroeconomics, and Internet technologies. For more information, contact”

Initiative Q Scam

What Are The Products For Initiative Q?

While Initiative Q isn’t marketing a physical good of any kind, it is trying to get more and more people to invest in its new currency platform.

Initiative Q says that “To get millions to join, we are giving away our future currency.”

At the time of publishing this review, the estimated future value of the next spot to join is valued at $44,866 USD.

You need to get invited in order to join Initiative Q right now, making it something of a private opportunity.

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What Is The Compensation Plan For Initiative Q?

That sounds fine and dandy, but how does any of this result in you making money?

Initiative Q needs more and more people to join in order for this new payment system to work, and while this can look just like any other form of crypto on the surface, Initiative Q argues against this by saying, “think of it as getting free bitcoin seven years ago.”

That’s a bold claim, but if it turns out to be true, Initaitve Q could result in huge earnings if it takes off the way its founders are hoping.

There’s something to be said for Saar Wilf being involved (the creator of Fraud Sciences that was purchased by PayPal in 2008), but even then, you’re still placing your money on a pretty big “if.”

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What’s Does It Cost To Join Initiative Q?

If you’re interested in joining Initative Q, you can get started by requesting an invite from the company’s website.

Is Initiative Q A Scam?

Have you heard from a friend that Initiative Q is a scam?

Based on this review, it might be hard to tell.

What exactly is the truth about Initiative Q – is it a scam or legit?

Good news – Initiative Q is not a scam.

But, be sure to take a look at the conclusion, because there are some things you should be aware of.

This is how you will build a successful in your business.

Let me help you make more money.

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Initiative Q Review Conclusion

Initiative Q sounds incredibly ambitious, and if you join now and the company takes off the way it’s hoping, you could be looking at tremendous returns down the road.

Then again, it’s entirely possible that you’ll invest money in Initiative Q, it’ll flop, and then you’ll have nothing to show for.

As with all new currencies, there’s a risk that comes with something like Initiative Q. If you’re okay with that, it may be worth looking into. If not, you’ll want to stick with a more stable opportunity. I also mention this in my video as well.

I sure hope that you have found my Initiative Q review helpful for you.

Some other reviews have been pretty scant on details, and I wanted my Initiative Q review to have all the information for you.

If you decide to carry forward with Initiative Q, make sure you make the most out of it and learn how to market yourself online.

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