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Understand The Latest Google+ Local with Business Pages Merge (with Video)


Google Plus Local Merge

As of last Friday, Google announced that it is now possible to merge your Google+ Business Page with G+ Local Page, but hang on a minute, what exactly does that mean?


What are Google+ Local Pages

A few months ago at the end of May, Google announced and implemented the new method of local businesses interacting with their customers through the form of Google+ Local pages and this popped up on Google+!

The real intent here has been to give the small business owner a far nicer platform to interact with their customers: an alternative to the pre-existing Google Place pages (to make matters even more complicated, the Google Places dashboard still exists!).

However, all Google Places pages (aka, with all the public business information) were converted overnight to Google+ Local pages.



What about Google+ Business Pages?

At this moment in time, they still exist but are in the process of being merged with Google+ Local pages. A full automatic merger will probably be a month away but with this latest news, Google has given business owners the option of getting ahead of the curve and manually starting the merge.

It’s difficult to say what is the best course of action as everything is changing, however I would recommend completing the merger if:


– You already own a Google+ Business Page

– You are curious and want to start using the new system  – – here is an idea of what to expect – see this fully merged page


Otherwise, there are plenty of businesses sitting tight and waiting for the full merger.


How to Perform the Verification Merge?

If you have read the above and want to explore the new merge, look no further than Matthew Hunt’s Blog at Small Business Coach where he has created a step by step video on what to do:


I also highly recommend Mike Blumenthal’s Step by Step guide on what to do to merge the 2 pages.




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