Funnel X Review – Good System Or Scam?

what is funnelxYou may have heard about a system called Funnel X by a guy called David Dekel.

This system has got absolutely tonnes of hype and everybody has been going on about it.

But is Funnel X worth the hype or is it a complete scam.

I explain in my Funnel X Review.

Also see my video review below:

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What is Funnel X

Funnel X is an affiliate marketing system that is split into different steps.

The idea is that you go through each step and activate each income stream that David Dekel recommends.

You activate the income stream, and at the end of the process, you learn how to generate traffic.

You then generate traffic to your affiliate link, and gain commissions from the multiple streams of income.

It sounds great in practice, but does it actually work?

Who is David Dekel?

david dekel reviewDavid Dekel is someone who has been in the internet marketing/make money online niche for quite a few years.

He is a very normal guy who has gone through lots of struggle to achieve success.

He is a great marketer and copywriter, as you can see on all the marketing materials for Funnel X.

He lives a good lifestyle, and is often on top of affiliate leaderboards.

How Does The Funnel X System Work?

Like I mentioned before, the Funnel X system works like this:

• You sign up for free from my link here (yes, I am promoting and endorsing it because i’ve tested it out and it does work).
• You go through a step by step process in which David Dekel explains how to set your system up
• At the end of this step by step process, you are then taught how to generate traffic into the system and generate multiple streams of income

There are a few different streams of income within Funnel X, such as Easy1Up, NowLifestyle, Advertising Boost and others.

funnel x review

Is There A Funnel X Scam?

You may be wonder from all the hype if this is legit or if there is a Funnel X scam going on.

I have personally looked at this to see if it is a scam.

I have tested it out and I can now tell you that (after my testing) I have made great money with this.

There is no Funnel X Scam going on whatsoever.

How Much Is It To Join Funnel X

It’s actually free to setup a Funnel X account at my link here.

Inside, there are “optional” income streams that I recommend you activate just like David Dekel instructs.

This means, when you drive traffic and members to the Funnel X system, you will make commissions from those income streams, which is very nice indeed! 🙂

My Bonus If You Join Funnel X With Me

If you decide to join Funnel X through me here, I’ve got lots of bonuses to help you.

The best of which is that I will link you up with my own secret traffic source, and we will get you started with traffic. This is explained in my video here.

You will be able to get the same traffic that i get and that has made me a multiple six-figure earner in several business opportunities over the past 3 years.

funnel x scam

My Funnel X Review Conclusion

I’ve completely tested out this system, and it works better than anything else I have ever seen.

It is a very slick system that is bullet proof.

It converts extremely high.

David Dekel is very hardworking in making sure that the system continues to perform well.

As part of my Funnel X review conclusion, I want to state that I recommend getting started right away.

You can join through my link here.

I will help you get set up and generate traffic. I will also give you handholding and support in getting setup the right way.