Five Minute Profit Sites Review – Is This A Good Opportunity Or Big Scam?

Five Minute Profit Sites ReviewIn the last few weeks, Five Minute Profit Sites has been getting a lot of attention in the network marketing circles.

With all this hype, I am sure you have seen some of your friends trying to sell Five Minute Profit Sites in your social media feeds.

The first thing you need to know is that I am NOT an affiliate or distributor for Five Minute Profit Sites.

I wanted to gather all the information about Five Minute Profit Sites in my Five Minute Profit Sites Review in order for you to make a decision about joining Five Minute Profit Sites.

Is Five Minute Profit Sites legit or a scam?

Will it be able to deliver on it’s promises to you?

Let me show you in my unbiased review of Five Minute Profit Sites.

Read on to find out what you need to know.

What The Heck Is Five Minute Profit Sites?

Five Minute Profit Sites has been picking up a fair amount of attention in the MLM world, as like always, it’s time to take a closer look at the company to see exactly what it has to offer.

In this case, we’re dealing with an MLM opportunity promoting a setup in which you can earn as much as $519 every single day while having to barely lift a finger.

ON the Five Minute Profit Sites website, you’ll be faced with the following message:

“NEW! CONTROVERSIAL Software Exploits $12.3 MILLION LOOPHOLE & Makes Us $519/DAY…”

Below that is another bit of text that reads “Find out how you can start today in under 5 minutes & 17 clicks.”

Five Minute Profit Sites then has a video you can watch, but it’s plastered with the following message:

“DO NOT share this PRIVATE video with ANYONE…”

The video then shows someone (likely a paid actress) reading a script talking about how you can make heaps of cash with Five Minute Profit Sites.

The actress in the video likely isn’t the owner of Five Minute Profit Sites and probably doesn’t have any real connection with the company, but after doing some more snooping, I discovered that two of the company’s biggest users are the owner of the website and affiliates of Clickbank that are promoting it.

Clickbank is one of the most honest/legit opportunities in the MLM world right now, but the network’s recently been kicking out a lot of bad eggs — one of which appears to be Five Minute Profit Sites.

Five Minute Profit Sites Scam

What Are The Five Minute Profit Sites Products?

On the product line side of things, Five Minute Profit Sites doesn’t have anything to offer.

There aren’t any goods or services to choose from, and because of this, there’s a total lack of any retail sales activity.

The only thing affiliates have to offer is the affiliate membership, and as we’ve seen time and time again, a setup like this is never a good sign.

What About The Compensation Plan For Five Minute Profit Sites?

So, how in the world do you actually make money with Five Minute Profit Sites?

According to the company, you use free software to build a website, get clicks, and the money starts pouring in. This will supposedly allow you to get over $500 each and every day after just about 5 minutes of messing around on your computer, making the offer far too good to be true.

What’s The Cost Of Joining Five Minute Profit Sites?

If you want to join Five Minute Profit Sites, you’ll need to download the site building software.

So, Is There A Five Minute Profit Sites Scam Going On?

Have you been hearing rumours that Five Minute Profit Sites is a scam?

After reading this review, you might still be asking yourself if it is really legit.

So – what is the truth? Is there really a Five Minute Profit Sites scam going on?

If I am being perfectly honest, Five Minute Profit Sites isn’t a scam.

However, there are some things you need to watch out for.

This is how you will be successful in online marketing. See the image below for details.

Finally, My Five Minute Profit Sites Review And Conclusion!

I really hope you have gained value from my Five Minute Profit Sites Review.

I wanted to make sure you had all the information you needed, because most other Five Minute Profit Sites reviews are just trying to sell you something.

If you really do decide to join Five Minute Profit Sites, I want you to succeed with your business. Learn how to market yourself properly!

My training can help you make money online!