Cellis Review – Is This A Good Opportunity Or Big Scam?

Cellis ReviewIn the last few weeks, Cellis has been getting a lot of attention in the network marketing circles.

With all this hype, I am sure you have seen some of your friends trying to sell Cellis in your social media feeds.

The first thing you need to know is that I am NOT an affiliate or distributor for Cellis.

I wanted to gather all the information about Cellis in my Cellis Review in order for you to make a decision about joining Cellis.

Is Cellis legit or a scam?

Will it be able to deliver on it’s promises to you?

Let me show you in my unbiased review of Cellis.

Read on to find out what you need to know.

What The Heck Is Cellis?

Looking at Cellis’s website, we can clearly see that this is a company based in the niche of nutritional supplements. Cellis claims to be based out of Texas in the United States, but for whatever reason, its Founder and CEO currently resides in North Carolina.

That Founder and CEO is Korey Johnson, and prior to Cellis, he was involved with Waiora and Valentus. Johnson left Valentus for an unknown reason in either late 2017 or early 2018.

Per Johnson’s corporate bio on the Cellis site, it notes that he’s got “29 years in industry with high level field leadership experience.” Furthermore, it goes on to say that Johnson’s been a “6-figure earner in multiple companies.”

Cellis Scam

What Are The Cellis Products?

Moving right along to the product line side of things, Cellis’s flagship offering is something called “Joe+.”

Joe+ is said to be “coffee + benefits” and is further described as follows:

“Cellis Joe + is the most delicious ‘Healthy Coffee’ on the planet and is our proprietary blend of the finest coffee beans from Colombia, Garcinia Cambogia at 70% which active ingredient is HCA or Hydroxycitric Acid, L-Theanine an amino acid, and our proprietary ingredient Bio3C (Dihydroberberine).”

A one-month supply of Joe+ costs $67.

Cellis also sells another supplement called Fuse:

“When you combine a cup of delicious CELLiS Joe + with CELLiS FUSE you will accelerate your weight loss to a whole new level!

Bio3C (Dihydroberberine) when blended with nature’s finest weight loss and energy creating ingredients like Vitamins B12 and B6, Caralluma Fimbriata, Chromium Polynicotinate, and Phenylethylamine losing weight has never been easier.”

Fuse is a bit cheaper than Joe+ at just $37 for a box.

Lastly, Cellis also offers a supplement by the name of “Bio3C.” This is credited as being a “proprietary formulation” that “boost the effectiveness of insulin, which helps keep your blood sugar at optimal levels and promotes overall wellness.”

If you’d like to buy Bio3C, it costs $87 for a bottle of 60 individual capsules.

What About The Compensation Plan For Cellis?

With three products in its lineup, you’d think that Cellis has a strong retail-focused comp plan to accompany them.

If you thought that, you’d be wrong.

Instead, Cellis focuses on nothing but affiliate recruitment.

Members are required to pay a fee upon joining, and once they do this, they must convince other people to do the same thing. Recruitment commissions are handled via a unilevel system and pay commissions down to three levels of recruitment.

What’s The Cost Of Joining Cellis?

If you want to join Cellis, there are two main plans to choose from:

  • Lifestyle Pack — $536
  • VIP Lifestyle Pack — $1036

Should you choose to pay for the more expensive VIP Lifestyle Pack, you’ll receive more products and increase your earning potential with the compensation plan.

So, Is There A Cellis Scam Going On?

Have you been hearing rumours that Cellis is a scam?

After reading this review, you might still be asking yourself if it is really legit.

So – what is the truth? Is there really a Cellis scam going on?

If I am being perfectly honest, Cellis isn’t a scam.

However, there are some things you need to watch out for.

This is how you will be successful in online marketing. See the image below for details.

Finally, My Cellis Review And Conclusion!

I really hope you have gained value from my Cellis Review.

I wanted to make sure you had all the information you needed, because most other Cellis reviews are just trying to sell you something.

If you really do decide to join Cellis, I want you to succeed with your business. Learn how to market yourself properly!

My training can help you make money online!