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Big Idea Mastermind Review and Tips

Recently, quite a few people have been asking about the latest network marketing opportunity from Vick Strizheus and the huge amount of hype surrounding it. Because of this, I thought it would be of value to write a Big Idea Mastermind Review to explain how it all works.

Important 2015 Update: Big Idea Mastermind is the 2nd best system I have used within the industry. So, what is first? Well, I have used another fantastic system recently called My Top Tier Business and you can see a review of that here.

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What is Big Idea Mastermind?

The Big Idea Mastermind (or BIM for short) is the latest project from veteran Internet Marketer Vick Strizheus. He is the guy responsible for Global Success Club and High Traffic Academy. I purchased the latter course and it was excellent – a thorough examination of making money through paid traffic.

The Big Idea Mastermind is different to Vick’s other courses/opportunities as it focuses on the conversion rather than the traffic generation (although you get training on that as well). In short, it is an educational program on Internet Marketing as well as being a Sales Funnel to promote the Empower Network. The image below should explain this better:

big idea mastermind review and tipsSo, as you can see above, the BIM program acts as a sales funnel for the Empower Network.

This means that the Big Idea Mastermind is actually Free as it is simply a stepping stone to enter the Empower Network. Despite that, you get all of the resources, tips and training without paying a penny or a dime! I think that is a good deal!

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Take a look at the screenshot below which shows the promotional tools available on the dashboard:

big idea mastermind login and dashboard
As seen above, you are given a variety of promotional tools to use including online and offline methods – all for Free!

The training that is provided is also fantastic! Vick has always been great at explaining traffic generation strategies in a way that we can all understand. I like the way he goes in-depth into each method and leaves no stone unturned.

Check out the screenshot below that shows the training section:

training big idea mastermind review

Each of the above sections lead to training videos that Vick has produced to show specifically how to use the Sales Funnel. Having said that, the strategies can be used to promote any business opportunity. If you are part of another network marketing company, you can still apply a lot of the training to improve your list building and conversions process.

Big Idea Mastermind Review | Why You Need It

As great as the Empower Network is, with it’s 100% commissions, it has (unfortunately) become overcrowded and very noisy. Hopefully, this Big Idea Mastermind Review has shown you that the system makes you stand out from the crowd with a sales funnel that converts like crazy. On top of all this, you also get internet marketing training from one of the best in the industry. The best thing though is that all of this is completely FREE. If you join Empower Network through this program (and I would be happy to be your sponsor), you get all of the BIM training + Empower Network training. It really is the best way to enter.

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Join Big Idea Mastermind With Me

As with all Network Marketing opportunities, it is important to join with a good sponsor. The reason this is important? It takes a lot of hard work at the beginning to make good earnings from network marketing and so it helps to get mentoring from someone who know what they are talking about.

If you are interested and want to join big idea mastermind, I would be very happy to be your sponsor and provide that important mentoring. The most important thing to me is to look after my team and help them produce the best results. This should be the top priority of every network marketer but unfortunately, some of them don’t care.

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See my personal Blog: Web Traffic Lounge for the kind of support I provide.

Hopefully, this Big Idea Mastermind Review has been helpful to you in explaining how it all works. However, if there is anything that you want to discuss or ask about, please leave a comment below or contact directly.

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