Acti-Labs Review – Is This A Good Opportunity Or Big Scam?

Acti-Labs ReviewYou may have noticed that Acti-Labs is getting a lot of hype and attention these days.

You might have had some friends in Network Marketing approach you about Acti-Labs, or you may have seen it on social media.

I want to let you know, first of all, that I am NOT promoting Acti-Labs as my own business opportunity. I am not an affiliate or distributor.

I have gathered here all the facts about Acti-Labs in my Acti-Labs Review – now you can learn all you need to know about it.

Is Acti-Labs really a legit business?

Is Acti-Labs a safe business to join?

Let me show you in my review of Acti-Labs.

Get started by reading my review below.

Exactly What Is Acti-Labs?

Acti-Labs has been making a bit of a name for itself in the MLM world, and today I’m going to be taking a look at the opportunity to see just what all of the fuss is about.

For those who aren’t familiar, Acti-Labs operates in the field of makeup, skincare, and anti-aging products. These niches have proven to be some of the most successful and profitable out there, so it makes sense as to why Acti-Labs is doing what they can to cash in on these markets.

Acti-Labs formerly launched under the name of ActiDerm back in June of 2011 in France. The company was headed up by husband and wife founders John and Yelena Miller, and when the company started off as ActiDerm, they focused on offering just anti-aging skincare products.

Since that time though, ActiDerm decided to make the push into the US market. This push appears to be headed mostly by Ashleigh Bray, and this expansion also introduced weight-loss body wraps and makeup items to the product line as well. This expansion caused ActiDerm to transform into Acti-Labs, and it’s a move that seems to be a result of Acti-Labs’ tremendous success over in the UK.

I’ve never heard of Ashleigh Bray before starting this review, so I decided to look into her a bit more. I discovered that she’s done quite a bit of marketing and promoting for Acti-Labs on both YouTube and Vimeo, and this goes back to the days when Acti-Labs was operating under the ActiDerm name.

Along with these videos, there is also evidence that Bray has done a great deal of face-to-face marketing for the company by hosting home parties as well.

Acti-Labs Scam

What Is The Acti-Labs Product Line?

As I mentioned above, Acti-Labs offers products for skincare, anti-aging solutions, body wraps, and makeup. All of these products are manufactured by Acti-Laboratories in France, and Acti-Labs sells them through their sales representatives in both the United Kingdom and the United States.

Acti-Labs takes great pride in the fact that all of their products are made using only the finest of ingredients, and this ranges to both their quality and safeness.

The company offers a wide array of products for use by both men and women, and the products being offered included the following –

  • Cosmeceutical Treatments
  • Cosmeceutical Creams
  • Cleans and Purify
  • Body Care
  • Body Sculpting Body Wraps
  • Mineral Makeup
  • Makeup Brushes
  • Eye Makeup Powders, Liners, Brow Wax, and Mascara
  • Lip Glosses
  • Lip Crayons

Along with all of these things that are already currently offered, Acti-labs has also announced that they will be bringing things for haircare, dieting, and even customized makeup pallets in the near future. There’s currently no word on the exact launch date of these new products, but it’s still exciting to see that the company is working on bringing more variety to an already impressive product line.

While there isn’t anything all that revolutionary being offered here, it’s all of a very high quality while still retaining fair price points. That’s not something a lot of similar opportunities can say, so it’s great to see that that combination is present here with Acti-Labs.

Also worth noting here is the fact that none of the company’s products are tested on animals, and that they don’t contain any sort of harmful chemicals or parabens. Additionally, they are made with 90% of recycled materials.

What Can You Tell Me About The Compensation Plan For Acti-Labs?

Moving on to the compensation plan, Acti-Labs is an opportunity in which direct selling is the name of the game. This means that you’re going to need to be comfortable with dealing with people one-on-one in order to see any real form of success, and while that may sound like a turnoff to some of you, that’s how these kind of opportunities usually run.

Commissions get paid out on a weekly basis, and there are various bonuses being offered to provide incentives for increasing your sales numbers for both yourself and your downline.

Speaking of your downline, Acti-Labs only offers commission rates for downline commissions between 3% and 7%. Those are considerably lower numbers when compared to Acti-Labs’ competition, and it means that you’re going to have to have a beefy downline with a great deal of activity if you want to see any real money come from it.

The company does provide a fair amount of training materials and resources to help get you started as an affiliate and seller for the company, but I did notice that there’s an unfortunate lack of information for digital marketing.

Social media is a giant when it comes to selling, so some more materials over that would have been greatly appreciated.

What Will It Cost To Join Acti-Labs?

When it comes down to joining Acti-Labs, you can sign up with or without a starter kit.

The starter kit will cost you some extra cash, and although it isn’t necessary, it is recommended that you purchase it if you’re serious about being as successful as possible with this opportunity.

Is Acti-Labs A Scam?

If you have heard that Acti-Labs is a scam, then you’ve come to the right place to find out the truth.

What’s the truth – is Acti-Labs a scam?

I would say no, it is not a scam. However, there are some things to be aware of before joining, which I have detailed in the conclusion.

You will only be successful by recognizing the weaknesses and finding a way to move past them.

Conclusion For My Acti-Labs Review

Acti-Labs is a company with a lot of promise and potential, but also one that’s got some roadblocks to overcome.

For starters, it’s facing a tremendous amount of competition. Nerium International, Jeunesse Global, and Younique are some of the most popular competitors out there, and Acti-Labs needs to prove to the world that they’re better than the opportunities being offered by them.

The product line that Acti-Labs has strikes a nice combination between both quality and price, and that’s definitely a great thing to see. However, the compensation plan earnings aren’t quite as high as I’ve seen with similar companies, so that’s an area that Acti-Labs could certainly work on.

Additionally, there’s a report that one affiliate for Acti-Labs was ridiculed and treated with disrespect for voicing her opinion against the company. The treatment this woman faced is seems to be way out of lines, and it does cause for some concern. However, with there only being one report of something like this, it looks more like a freak incident than anything else.

All-in-all, Acti-Labs could prove to be a solid opportunity if you feel like it would be a solid fit for you. Take some time to research the company, see if their vision fits in with yours, and if it does, go ahead and give it a shot.

I definitely hope you have found value in my Review of Acti-Labs.

I went into a lot of detail so that you can make a proper decision about whether you want to join or not.

If you do decide to proceed with Acti-Labs, make sure you take the time to learn how to market yourself!

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